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Okey Alemi


Don't waste your time with standard okey games!► Different game modes: ● Play in 2, 3 or 4 player mode against real players or in 1 player mode against intelligent bots.
► Play one on one or in team mode: ● Select "Team" option as Game Type and compete with your partner against other players.► Public or private game tables: ● Set the game table option to "closed" to play in private mode. ● Play in public game tables and meet new people.► Advanced invitation: ● Invite your friends via integrated Messenger-interfaces directly to your game table. The invitation contains a link that forwards the recipient directly to your gaming table. ● Or invite players from the lobby
► For players with color deficits: ● Activate "Color Blind Mode" in the settings to play with symbolic tiles.► Play faster in "Turbo" mode. ● Choose "Turbo" mode for short round periods.► Extra games: ● We double up! After each game, with a stake of more than 1 million chips, you can increase your winnings up to 6 times and win additional GamePacks. ● Win every 12 hours additional chips with Chipomat.► Amusing Toplists: ► Show all who is the king: ● Finish the game in one color and in ascending order and ascend the throne! In your time as ruler you will get additional chips! ► Toplists: ● Compete against your friends in the "Friends Toplist". ● The best players of the day are listed in the daily Toplist. ● The Top 100 Toplist contains the best players of all time.► Awards and Levels: ● Win special awards for special achievements. ● Win games to increase your Level.
► In-Game Chat: ● The chat function is available in every game table. ● With predefined messages you can send standard messages quickly.► Gifts: ● Send great gifts to your playmates.► Crack the safe: ● Crack the safe by finishing the game with seven pairs or by discarding a joker.► Standard Functions: ● Tap-Hold on a tile-set = Move multiple tiles. ● Double-Tap = Flip tile. ● Auto tile sorting at game start.
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